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About Ashley

I'm a headshot, portrait, and real estate photographer in Sacramento, California. My favorite thing about being a photographer is capturing what makes each person unique. I believe everyone posses their own individual traits that make them beautiful. It is always my mission to make those parts of my clients stand out in their photos.

Taking photos can be awkward for many people. Not everyone loves selfies or being in front of the camera (myself included). While I love taking pictures of people, I can feel completely uncomfortable in pictures (unless given proper time to completely contort my body into a flattering pose). I can relate to the anxious feeling when a large camera with a huge lens is in front of you so I make it my mission to make the process as stress free and comfortable as possible. One of the easiest ways is to find out your favorite type of music and play it in the background during your session. I find that listening to your favorite music helps put you at ease. So don't be surprised when I book your session that I am also going to ask you who your favorite artist is or you favorite genre of music is. Your session is all about YOU so helping you relax is one of my top goals.

Besides being a photographer, I am a mother to a beautiful 4 year-old daughter and have been married to my husband, Aaron, for nearly ten years. My family means the world to me. Our favorite family hobbies include playing laser tag throughout the house, watching Disney+, or snuggling with our two Ragdoll cats, Buster and Posey.

We are definitely cat people and the evidence is inescapable as nearly article of clothing has some form of cat glitter (cat hair) on it. Using endless amounts of lint rollers is no match for the two large long-haired fluff balls that rule our home. If I get my way (which I'm pretty sure one day I will), I would love to double the amount of cats in our home. Two cats are simply not enough. I argue that we need a minimum of one cat per lap in the house if not more. If it wasn't for my level headed husband, I'm pretty sure I would have adopted 30 cats by now. LOL!

Favorite things that I can't live without are Diet Coke (with vanilla added in if Sonic is nearby), my Ugg blanket (I'm spoiled), Dave Ramsey podcast, and audio books. What is your favorite podcast or audio book? I love listening while I drive to sessions or when I'm editing so I'm always open to new suggestions. In fact if you were to walk into my home when everyone else is asleep, you'd find me sipping Diet Coke, cuddled up in my favorite blanket, and listening to something motivational while working at my computer. Some of my favorite topics include finances, sales, marketing, increasing productivity, organizing and entrepreneurship.

My least favorite things include cucumbers (please never put it in my water or in my salad... yuck), pets that should not be pets like snakes and spiders, ironing clothes, or dealing with anything car related (I beg my husband to deal with things like taking the tires to get rotated, needing a new car battery, etc). Are there things that you loathe doing or dealing with? Another one of my least favorites is anything that has to do with bodily fluids. Having a kid can be so sweet but also so gross and I pretty much gagged like the dads in all of those funny YouTube videos every time I had to change a gross diaper. It didn't matter that she was my kid, it was still nasty... EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Something that is funny but I can admit that it is totally ridiculous is that I am a total wimp when it comes to blood or when my daughter gets any kind of injury. My daughter has ZERO fear and is a complete dare devil. I spend most of my day trying to prevent a trip to the ER because she is often attempting some new crazy thing. Any time she gets an injury that I'm fairly sure might involve some amount of blood (including a scraped knee or busted lip because she didn't stick her landing jumping off the couch onto the coffee table or something else insane), I will ask whoever is closest to me (strangers included if we aren't home) to check for the amount of blood before I look. I'm always worried I will pass out. I will hold her and comfort her while she is crying but unless I'm the only one around I can't bare to look at whatever her latest gash is without nearly hyperventilating. Yes, I know that is ridiculous. I'm pretty sure that based on her love of the extreme she will either be a professional gymnast, stunt double, or be a headlining act in a Cirque Du Soleil show. I feel like I'm guaranteed to probably faint a couple of times while raising such a fun and fearless child.

If you have kids or grandkids, I love hearing about them and their antics during your shoot. The wild and crazy stories about kids helps me know I'm not in this alone.


After receiving my bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Biola University, I worked in luxury retail and cosmetics. Selling exotic skin care and cosmetics, and high-end fashion led to my pursuit of a cosmetology license.

While working in high-end salons, I worked in television and worked with celebrities, product campaigns, and photo shoots. That experience was exhilarating. I've taken those skills and applied them to the work I do in my own studio.


I'm married to an amazing man named Aaron and I have a young daughter named Charlotte. We also cohabitate with two Ragdoll cats, Buster & Posey. And sometimes they even love us as much as we love them.