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San Antonio Headshot Photographer

As a photographer in Comal County, I specialize in creating images for corporations and small businesses to use for various marketing needs.

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The headshots I create for my clients stand out because I focus on creating clean, crisp, and timeless images. I utilize backgrounds that don't distract, lighting that is flattering to your face, and every image chosen receives high-end retouching for a flawless finish.

I am often sought out by individuals that are the face of their brand or business. I have a unique background in the beauty industry that helps me coach clients in how to look their best for their photographs. As a former hairstylist and makeup artist, I not only worked in a salon with a large variety of clients, but I also worked in the commercial space too in the Bay Area. I worked on a set for television show, I led a team for a runway show, and worked on a variety of different commercial shoots and campaigns.

My past training gives me a unique perspective and a critical eye in how to help clients truly look like the best version of themselves. I love working with a variety of clients from models, musicians, and actors to financial advisors, realtors, lawyers and small business owners.

If you are a professional that uses a website, business cards, or social media such as LinkedIn or Instagram, then you need a great headshot. Contact me today to schedule your appointment. I'll help you look your absolute best.